What We Hear

Documentary Film

What We Hear is a documentary feature film shot in Lebanon and Germany. The film looks into what it means to document and consume the documentation of conflict in today's highly mediated world. The film follows journalists, fact-checkers and displaced people as they log into their devices to try and decipher what's happening back in Syria.

Shot in the Streets


On Saturday, October 30, 2021, protestors in Sudan were met with extreme violence. This investigation looks at what happened that day and who was responsible for the violence.


Documentary Short

Dina is a documentary short shot in Kazakhstan in 2020. The short film film tells the story of Dina’s incarceration in Xinjiang's notorious prison system.

Radio Fresh


For a Syrian Archive investigation into the bombing of Radio Fresh in Idlib, Syria; I reconstructed the site of the attack placing photographic documentation of the site in the animation using blender and after effects.

Airstrikes on Al Shami Hospital


This Investigation reveals multiple airstrikes hitting a medical facility and residential neighbourhood in Ariha, Syria.


Documentary Short

Gamers is a documentary short film that I made in 2018. The film documents a group of friends whose lives have been brutally transformed by the never-ending war in Syria. Now, scattered around the world the friends find hope, home and friendship in the most unlikely of places - a video game.

The Moustache Dispute

Short Film

The Moustache Dispute is a short film featuring an excerpt from a story of the same name by the Uyghur writer Memtimin Hoshur.

Attack on Medical Facilities in Syria 2011-2010


For Syrian Archive's Targeting Health investigation, I used QGIS to map and present 410 separate, verified attacks against a total of 270 medical facilities in Syria, between 2011 and 2020.

Aleppo Hospital Bombing


For a Syrian Archive investigation, I used photogrammetry to create a 3D reconstruction of a hospital ward in Aleppo.

Targeting Health


I worked on an investigation with the Syrian Archive where we preserved, verified and analysed videos documenting 410 separate attacks against 270 medical facilities in Syria.

Jargon Analytics

Google Chrome Plug-In

Jargon Analytics is a chrome plug-in which cuts through the jargon surrounding algorithmic decision-making.

Steve Mumford

Documentary Short

As part of a long-term research project into the reporting, documentation and depiction of conflict, I interviewed Steve Mumford in 2016. Steve Mumford was born in 1960, he is a contemporary American painter. whose practice has included depicting scenes from the American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Documentary Short

I worked on the data capture and visualisation systems and workflows for the multiscreen work by Manu Luksch. The film documents the 3rd quarter yearly report in Dubai at Cisco's HQ for Smart+Connected Communities.


Documentary Short  

A short experimental documentary film documenting life in Berlin's internet cafes.

In-Camera Proceedings

Video Installation

In-Camera Proceedings is an intervention that challenges Google's Earth's practice of scanning, modelling and storing our world.

Untitled Room


Untitled Room is an exploration of VR technologies.

Streets In The Sky

Interactive Video Installation

Streets in the Sky is an interactive film, a story where the viewer determines the narrative direction. The film's protagonists re-enact the legal inquiry into the collapse of Ronan Point. With no beginning or end, the film represents the inquiry in a neutral manner for the viewer to piece together the evidence.

What Plants Look Like

Interactive Light Installation

Installation and Website


Interactive Documentary

Juju is an interactive film – a day in the life of Juju, a Nigerian man living in Mestre, Italy.