Airstrikes on Al Shami Hospital


I worked alongside Syrian Archive on the investigation into the destruction of the Al Shami Hospital in Ariha, Syria. On January 29, 2020, the anaesthesia technician, Zakwan Tamaa, was injured and later killed by an airstrike that targeted Al Shami Hospital (also known as Ariha Surgical Hospital). Tamaa worked as both an anaesthesia technician and the hospital’s managing director. However, the consistent bombardment of civilian populated areas and medical facilities made work for Tamaa and other medical personnel in Idlib extremely dangerous and unsustainable.

Tamaa and twelve other civilians in and around the facility died from this most recent airstrike on Al Shami Hospital. The majority of those killed as well as the 68 wounded were women, children, and hospital staff displaced from villages and towns around Jabal Al Zawiya. This airstrike is one of many airstrikes on medical facilities and other civilian-populated areas in Idlib.

The Investigation reveals multiple airstrikes hitting a medical facility and residential neighbourhood in Ariha and killing Tamaa. You can find the full investigation here.