In-Camera Proceedings

Video Installation

In-Camera Proceedings is an intervention that challenges Google's Earth's practice of scanning, modelling and storing our world. Google’s process involves a combination of aircraft imagery and satellite photos. These are pushed through image analysis and photogrammetry software that reconstruct 3D models of the area photographed. The 3D models created are stored on Google’s servers; they are not available for download. Our cities have been modelled, digitised and then locked away. Google's algorithms erase all inhabitants from these models. The digital world is not meant for human habitation. We cannot change it, edit it, or rebuild it. We can only passively observe.

In-Camera Proceedings challenges this. It does not accept Google's policy. The work visualises the technical process of taking back our space. It's a tutorial on how to take back our virtual world.

A virtual drone is programmed to fly through the Google Earth app, taking hundreds of pictures of the digital terrain. These photos are then run through the same algorithms as the images taken by Google's aircraft. We scan the scan and then upload it to a server where anyone can download it, own it and change it.

This is a project by Alexander Schindler and Jack Wolf.