Jack Wolf is a visual artist working in digital arts. He works with old and new technologies to investigate contemporary issues such as conflict, migration, as well as technology itself. He is particularly interested in how technology can be implemented to understand our world differently - technology as an investigative tool. He works in different mediums such as, installations and computer games as well as more traditional mediums: print, web and film. Jack is currently working on his first feature film looking into information technologies and the documentation and consumption of conflict in a networked world.


In 2016 Jack was awarded the Universität der Künste Berlins KKWV (Kommission für künstlerische und wissenschaftliche Vorhaben) and received a research stipend from the Köne Foundation, Finland. Jack has shown works around the world including the Winterthur Fotomuseum,  HKW Berlin, Centre pompidou Paris, Onassis cultural centre – Athens and the Grenada National Museum. He has given lectures at the Volks Bühne, the Vilém Flusser Archive and the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland.